Monday, February 4, 2008

America's Past Time...Dominican Passion!

Ward Dickmann, Kansas City, MO..........................Helmer Pichardo, 9 years old, Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Ward has a nine year old son named John. Ward and John have an amazing father/son relationship. Much of their relationship is centered around the wonderful game of baseball.....America's favorite past time!! The two of them attend Kansas City Royals games and spend much of their time getting autographs and pictures of major league baseball players. They have an entire room in their house dedicated to their memorabilia.

Helmer Pichardo is a young boy that attends our school, Colegio Isaias Emanuel, and is in the G.O. Kids Program. He has hopped on board whole-heartedly with the Dominican's passion...which also happens to be baseball! Helmer trains and plays daily with Jose Luis and our G.O. Sports Ministry team.

How did these two families that live many miles apart become so involved with each other?? God will use whatever He feels necessary to bring his children together and in this case, baseball is the common bond. Ward has been on two mission trips to the Dominican Republic in the last two years. If you ask him, he loves Jesus, the game of baseball and teaching both to kids. Ward and his family have taken the opportunity to invest in Helmer's life. Since February of 2007, not only has the Dickmann family supported Helmer through the G.O. Kids program, but Ward has spent time getting to know him. They talk, exchange hats and share the passion of both America and the

When Ward is serving in the Dominican Republic for 1 week out of the year, he doesn't have to worry about missing out on the "love of the game" with his son, Helmer is here to keep it alive!

God has intertwined two lives using the passion of the Dominicans and the past time of America, it's a beautiful game!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad from the Dominican Republic!

We at G.O. Ministries hope that you and your family are enjoying this wonderful Holiday Season. May we always remember the reason that we celebrate this beautiful time of year!

Below is a picture of a set of twins that are in the feeding center in Santa Lucia. Thank you to those of you who support this Nutrition Center and school through our G.O. Kids program.

Please remember the children in the Dominican Republic during this Holiday Season as they too celebrate the amazing gift of baby Jesus.

Friday, October 12, 2007

"Dia de La Raza"

The children here in our school, Colegio Evangelico Isaias Emmanuel, celebrated "Dia de La Raza" today. This translates to "Day of The Race".

On October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus set out on an expedition. Columbus and his crew arrived at an island and believed they were in the Indias. They later discovered that they had arrived at an American Island. This was a very memorable day because when the discovery was made, contact between Europe and America began! The union of two worlds took place!

The classrooms were full of beautiful vibrant colors along with the sweet voices of the children. The excitement of this Holiday was booming through the air!
The children that you see in these pictures are in Kinder, which is actually the year before they move up to Kindergarten. They are 4 years old and enjoyed celebrating Dia de La Raza!

Thank you to each and every one of you who support these children by giving them a chance to receive a Christian education. Also, thank you for allowing them to participate in the celebration of our history!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


On July 28th, every child in The Los Guandules Feeding Center celebrated their birthday!

It all started with preparing the room....decorations, blowing up balloons, and getting everything set up. The excitement from the children was building and building. You could hear their sweet voices just outside the door while waiting so patiently with mounting enthusiasm.

Is everyone they come with their eyes full of hope and eagerness. Many of them are experiencing the sounds, colors, and enjoyment of a birthday party for the very first time.
Northeast Christian Church came prepared with gifts, birthday cake, decorations, and excitement. It was a wonderful day that allowed each child to feel so loved and cared for.

Thank you Northeast for being so willing to love on these precious children without reservation.
Thank you for this beautiful partnership with the church in Guandules, the Nutrition Center and the Rodriguez family.
God's blessings are everywhere!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is a picture of Andrew Norton and Miguel, the child he supports through our G.O. Kids Sponsorship Program. They were able to meet 2 weeks ago for the first time! They are a perfect match!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Muchas gracias!

Our G.O. Kids Program is moving forward with sponsorships. Thank you to all of you who have commited to sponsor one of these precious children! With your help, there are almost 200 kids in the school with partners.....we're over half way to our goal!
G.O. Ministries just wanted to take the time to thank you for your faithfulness in supporting these children. Each one of you is truly making a difference in their lives. Thank you for seeing the need to raise these kids up with a Christian education which will help mold and shape them into becoming Christian leaders in their own communities.

Below are pictures of Discovery Church from California. In April, a few of the team members were able to meet the sweet children that they support.

This is The Jones Family with Wenibel and her mother


Brian and Arlette

Thank you four your continued support!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Two Churches United as One

Northeast Christian Church is an amazing example of what a partnership truly is! They partner with the Pastor Rafaelito, his wife Griselda, the church as a whole, and the community of Los Guandules. Northeast has also taken on the feeding center within the new church that was just recently completed. Their goal is to have every child (120) involved in the feeding program sponsored by people that attend Northeast. Many of the supporters came last week to visit their children. Below are some pictures of the sweet kids with their sponsors.

Thank you Northeast for your generous hearts, humble spirits, and loving souls!

Northeast was able to complete the church in Los Guandules. They have been working so diligently on the building for several years now. The final step was to put paint on the walls! The building is just perfect and is painted with God's hope, love and joy.
The inaugural church service was held in the finished building on Sunday, March 25....there was standing room only!
God reminded everyone of His presence and blessings during the service.
The service began with worship from Dominicans and Haitians, what a joyful noise! Pastor Stuart Jones from Northeast delivered a beautiful message and Pastor Rafaelito followed with words of encouragement and excitement about the new church.
Shortly after the singing began a storm poured down on the building. Several adults looked out the windows at the river flooding the area far below remembering the time when the church used to sit next to the river. Thinking how different it is now for the church to be high on the hill, safe from the destruction of the flooding river. God's blessing are everywhere!

Northeast Christian Church has created a beautiful Partnership with the church in Los Guandules. A special thank you to those who continue to help in the development of the church, allowing the feeding center to run, and providing financial support so the Rodriquez family can do full time ministry.